Shari Godward

For 18 years, I have been a successful and experienced real estate agent.  I love to meet and connect with all different types of individuals.  I am not a pushy sales person, but believe in educating individuals so they can make great decisions when purchasing a home that they love.  I love the design and architectural components of real estate along with the financing and marketing. Real estate sales is all about helping individuals find their dream home.  It is so joyful! I love my job!

 I have had my real estate license in three different states (Arkansas, Florida and Colorado).  I sold properties in Florida for over 6 years  but then moved back to Colorado.  In Colorado, I continued my real estate career. I moved back to  Florida about a year ago to help my mother who is 93.  I am fortunate to still have a mother here!    

I have 3 grown children who are very successful.  My son Nick lives in Richmond, VA and is an actuary and a composer.  My daughter and my youngest son live in Boulder, CO.  My daughter is interviewing for medical school and my youngest son is a chemist, but is now studying cyber security.   I am a very proud mom!

I live in Pelican Bay and my interests include being a health nut (Yoga, Zumba, swimming, walking, etc.) art, painting, staging properties, and the stock market.  I also love to travel and have traveled extensively.


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