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Waterfront Realty Group, Inc.

1395 3rd Street South , Naples, FL 34102

My name is Cecilia Krause, and I consider myself a citizen of the world.


I have lived in large cities and smalls towns, as far as Melbourne, Australia;


Ancona, Italy; Playa del Carmen,Mexico; among others.


I speak Spanish and Italian Fluently, and have dealt with important business in both languages.




I started my own family of three beautiful children at the young age of 24 in Germantown, Md.


They range in ages from 23 to 13.


Each unique with their own gifts, my oldest gIrl is a budding actress


In NYC, so I have close ties with the city and the performing arts,


as I travel there often. My 20-year- old son has a serious passion for sports cars, and is a young


entrepreneur in the field. My 13-year- old girl is a well centered teenager,


with an unmatched passion for fashion, and luxury real estate.




The love of travel, and adventurous spirit was instilled in me at a very young age.


I discovered Naples in 2004, and instantly fell in love with it.


I decided not to wait for my old age to retire in Paradise, so in the Summer of 2015 I made


Naples my permanent home.


I am extremely passionate about Naples, our perfectly manicured streets, world class shopping


centers, bustling farmer’s markets, over 400 restaurants situated in small and large shopping


centers as well as overlooking our beautiful waters, our state of the art gyms offering a


multitude of disciplines, our endless breathtaking white beaches,


our world famous sunsets, our charming dolphins, and our glorious


year round weather!


I’m an avid foodie, and as such, I have a good repertoire of restaurants I love to visit for


authentic tacos,


as well as escargot or an intoxicating sashimi boat!


My dog Romeo will agree, Naples is the most dog friendly


place in the world!


I certainly hope you will consider trusting me to find you


a great home in the happiest, healthiest town in America!


There are more than 65 communities offering jaw dropping


brand-new construction featuring the latest state of the art floor plans,


and energy saving construction and designs for all kinds of budgets.


Let’s go tour some and claim your corner of paradise!





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