Brian Ohlis


Waterfront Realty Group Inc

3066 Tamiami Trail N Ste 202 Naples FL 34103

Brian Ohlis has lived in Southwest Florida for years... 35 years to be precise. During that time, he has owned, managed and leased many properties and companies in the Southwest Florida area, such as Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties. As a Real Estate agent, Brian Ohlis has closed on tremendous amounts of properties in Southwest Florida, representing millions of dollars in property sales. This level of success means Ohlis earns referrals and repeat business from his many satisfied clients. Moving Forward Always ahead of the game, Ohlis joined The Markit Group with Waterfront Realty and Naples Redevelopment last year where he refined his skills to create innovated ways specially tailored for each one of his clients. As you know, the Real Estate industry has changed dramatically in the last few years, which is why you're going to want Brian's extensive experience in the field, creativity and problem-solving abilities on your side. Ohlis also brings an intense construction knowledge to the table. Brian's recent joining of The Markit Group with Naples Redevelopment was a decision carefully made, which enables him to be able to maximize his expertise with his staff to back him up …leaving nothing to fall through the cracks. "The Markit Group offering customer service of the past" The Markit Group was founded on a simple motto "Today's Modern Real Estate offering customer service of the past". In today's day and age sometimes the most important things are overlooked. Many real estate companies offer properties for sale but often overlook the customer relations. We want to have a relationship with all our customers to ensure that you feel comfortable with your purchase. The Markit Group prides itself on the ability to provide you the best possible property of your needs, offers services to transform the property, which provides you with exactly what you are looking for. The highest compliment his clients offer is the referral of their friends, family and business associates. He thanks you for your Trust!!!

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